Server Migration Completed

We have completed moving our clients' websites and email to our new server.  The new server has more storage available and more up to date server software. If you experience any problems which may or may not be related to this maintenance, please  contact us .

Server migration in progress

We have purchased a new server for hosting many of our clients websites and email.  The new server will allow us to provide more storage and more up to date server software. We are in the process of migrating data to this new server now and we expect no disruption of services.  If you experience any problems which may or may not be related to this maintenance, please  contact us .

Malware incident

A customer's WordPress website was recently infected with malware. The infection was detected by our service provider and blocked from preventing further damage. We suspect this was due to a security vulnerability in an old WordPress version, so this is a reminder to keep software up to date. Customers managing their own installation of WordPress hosted on our servers or on their own server should update using their WordPress Dashboard or contact us for assistance. Please contact us , if you want help with your WordPress blog or website.

Support availability

Due to a team member permanently relocating to New Zealand, our technical support availability is changing.  During the period 9-11 September 2020 technical support will be limited due to our team member traveling. From 11 September 2020, technical support will be available with the most immediate response during mornings in European time zones.  You can still contact us via the usual methods, but due to time zone differences you may experience delays in our response times.

Emergency server maintenance

A server hosting many of our customers was moved to a different host machine in the last 12 hours. This involved a complete copy of the data and software and a server restart to solve an emergency hardware issue. If you experience any problems which may or may not be related to this maintenance, please  contact us .

Some sites upgraded to the latest TYPO3 versions

We have recently updated the TYPO3 core software of the websites we host for some of our customers from TYPO3 CMS 9.5.14 to  TYPO3 CMS 9.5.18  and from TYPO3 CMS 10.4.1 to TYPO3 CMS 10.4.3 . These versions are maintenance releases and contain bug fixes only which repair some side effects from the previous security release update. You can read more about these updates at . Older versions of TYPO3 are no longer supported and will not receive security updates or bug fixes. Customers who are still using TYPO3 CMS 4.5, TYPO3 CMS 4.7 or TYPO3 CMS 6.2 versions are especially encouraged to upgrade to the latest version of TYPO3 CMS 6.2 (LTS) as soon as possible, and then to the latest version of TYPO3 CMS 7 (LTS) and then onto TYPO3 CMS 8 (LTS). If you want to upgrade your TYPO3 website to the latest version or add new features, please  contact us .

Server upgrades (Plesk and MySQL)

During this weekend we have upgraded several components on a server used by many of our customers. The Plesk control panel software has been upgraded to Plesk Obsidian . It has many improvements and new features including an upgrade of the Roundcube webmail software. We have also upgraded the MySQL server to version 5.6 to help some customers use modern versions of their website content management systems. If you notice any problems or issues that might or might not be related to this recent upgrade, please contact us .