Server Migration

Following on from recent mail server issues, we will be migrating many of our clients to a new server.   We will be communicating directly with affected clients when their hosting is moving and we expect the migration to be as painless as possible with minor disruption to services.

Email sending issues

Email sending limited A client has accidentally sent spam messages via our shared hosting server and as a result, sending mail is now limited. A computer infected with a virus or malware can send thousands of spam messages undetected.  Mail internal to our server is being delivered and external mail is being delivered to the mailboxes on our server. However email from our server is not currently arriving at external mailboxes and we are working with our hosting service provider to resolve this. We cannot guarantee delivery of recent messages because they may be delayed or blocked by external servers beyond our control. Make sure to follow safe internet usage. Use virus and malware scanning software. Only use trusted software and trusted internet links even if the source appears to from someone you know. To ensure that our server does not send spam, we are limiting the number of emails that can be sent per hour.

DNS Issues

There are issues with the DNS (domain name service) related to a server hosting websites and email for some of our clients. There is planned maintenance related to DNS scheduled for next week however this most likely a different issue. We are attempting to contact the service provider regarding this and monitoring the issue. 

Christmas/New Year Support Availability

Due to a team member traveling, technical support will be limited during the period from 31 December 2022 to 7 January 2023.  You can still  contact us  via the usual methods, but due to availability and time zone differences you may experience delays in our response times.

Server Migration Completed

We have completed moving our clients' websites and email to our new server.  The new server has more storage available and more up to date server software. If you experience any problems which may or may not be related to this maintenance, please  contact us .

Server migration in progress

We have purchased a new server for hosting many of our clients websites and email.  The new server will allow us to provide more storage and more up to date server software. We are in the process of migrating data to this new server now and we expect no disruption of services.  If you experience any problems which may or may not be related to this maintenance, please  contact us .

Malware incident

A customer's WordPress website was recently infected with malware. The infection was detected by our service provider and blocked from preventing further damage. We suspect this was due to a security vulnerability in an old WordPress version, so this is a reminder to keep software up to date. Customers managing their own installation of WordPress hosted on our servers or on their own server should update using their WordPress Dashboard or contact us for assistance. Please contact us , if you want help with your WordPress blog or website.