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eAccelerator repaired

We have patched and updated the eAccelerator software that optimizes many of our customer's websites and enables parts of them to perform up to 10 times faster.  If you experience any problems with your website, please  contact the Vista Interactive team .

Plesk Control Panel Upgrade during October

The Plesk Control Panel for many of our clients will be upgraded to version 11.5 sometime during October. The new version features many enhancements. We do not expect any downtime for customers, but if you do experience problems during or after the upgrade, please contact the Vista Interactive team .

TYPO3 Extension Updates

We have updated our customers' TYPO3 websites to remove security vulnerabilities that were found in some third-party TYPO3 extensions. If you experience any problems with your TYPO3 website, please  contact us  for help.

TYPO3 Update

Our customer sites using TYPO3 6.x have been updated to the latest version (6.1.4) to solve a potential security issue.