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Email problems due to spam

Recently one of the email accounts on our server was compromised and was sending spam. We suspect  this was due to a virus or worm on their computer or their email username and password had been shared with other computers. Due to spam being sent from our mail server, some receiving mail servers temporarily blocked our mail server and so some of your outgoing mail may have been rejected.  The problem has been resolved now, so if you got a message that an email was not delivered, please try to send your email again. If we get reports of spam or notice spam coming from an email account on our server, we will change the password of the sending account and contact you. How to prevent your email account from being compromised: Please take care when installing software on your computer Regularly scan for viruses with an up to date virus checker Do not give your email username and password to anyone else Use a strong secure password Always log out when you finish using a

Office closed

Today the Vista Interactive office is closed for the Turkish public holiday:  Labor and Solidarity Day . You can still  contact us  via the usual methods, but we may be slower in responding. For emergency or urgent server problems, please send an SMS to +90 533 495 9737. İyi Bayramlar.