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Problems with webmail

There are currently some problems with the Horde webmail interface, so we are switching customers to use the AtmailOpen interface until we have resolved the problem.

Horde webmail upgrade

With our recent Parallels Plesk upgrade, the default webmail client  Horde  has also been upgraded to version H5 (6.1.6). Customers using this webmail service will notice a very different user interface and so if you need help with using the new version, please contact us . If you prefer a different webmail, we also have the  Atmail Open  webmail interface available on this server and can switch this on for your domain. However, we recommend Horde because AtmailOpen is no longer being developed.

Plesk upgrade

We have upgraded the Parallels Plesk control panel software on our main server to the latest stable version (11.5.30). Spam filtering and autoresponders should now be working for all customers using email on this server. If you notice any problems or need support with using the new version of the control panel, please contact us .