Scam/Phishing emails

A new series of malicious emails are hitting inboxes. They claim to come from your domain name and might look like this:
From: "your domain name support" your domain name>
Subject: your domain name account notification

Dear Customer,

This e-mail was send by to notify you that we have temporanly prevented access to your account.

We have reasons to beleive that your account may have been accessed by someone else. Please run attached file and Follow instructions.


Notice the spelling errors and poor grammar - usually an indication of a junk message. If you get a message like this, DO NOT follow the instructions or open any attachment. It may contains a virus or attempt to capture your username and password. Messages like this do not come from Vista Interactive. Delete them.

Please contact us for technical support or if you suspect your email account has been compromised.
See our earlier Scam email warning post for information on how to tell if an email from Vista Interactive is real.